Corsair SF750 Review: The best SFX PSU money can buy

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Following Corsair’s SF600 and SF400 Platinum power supplies, Corsair identified a segment of the market that needed strong but compact PSU which is able to deliver to the highest of demands. As a result, we now have the Corsair SF750.

The SF750 offers high capacity and high effeciency levels, backed up by the 80 PLUS PLATINUM and Cybenetics ETA-A certifications. Furthermore, the power supply is able to deliver a fairly quiet overall operation.

If money is no problem and you would like to get as much power from a power supply as possible, the the Corsair SF750 will surely fill all of your power requirments as this unit is the most powerful power supply money can buy to date.

The PSU is compatible with the latest high-end motherboards through a couple of EPS connectors. You might want to consider the SF600 Platinum should you only need one EPS connector, as it will be cheaper to buy.

Corsair SF750

Efficient Semi-passive mode cannot be deactivated
Amazing performance

Review Analysis

If you need 750 watts out of a compact PSU and on top of that you want two EPS connectors, the SF750 is your best choice. The second strongest SFX unit, the SilverStone SX700-G has the same amount of PCIe connectors (four), but it comes with a single EPS connector meaning that it cannot support mainboards with increased CPU power requirements. The same goes of course for the SF600 Platinum which has a single EPS and on top of that, it cannot support two high-end graphics cards since it only comes with two PCIe connectors. 

The Corsair SF750 has a stiff price, but it is powerful and one of the best SFX units available in the market today. Moreover, it is supported by a hefty seven-year warranty, which provides long peace of mind. I would like to see a longer hold-up time in the next revision, but I am not sure whether Great Wall will have an easy time installing a larger bulk cap to achieve this. Finally, the rifle bearing fan that it uses has been proved to be quite good so far, but in this price category I believe that Corsair should go with an even higher-quality FDB (or magnetic bearing) fan.

Tom’s Hardware4.5 / 5
Kitguru9 / 10
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