With SyncDeck, you can now access Apple’s iCloud on Android devices

Forget about migrating all of your files and photos to another service when switching between Android and iOS. With SyncDeck, you can keep using iCloud even after you switch operating systems. Discover more below.

SyncDeck is available for free on the Google Play Store.

Two different worlds, now connected.

These are some of the features of SyncDeck



Secure login

2 factor authentication and 2SA is supported out-of-the-box. Thus, there is no need to generate an app specific password to log in.


Background sync

Download and uploading of files are managed in the background so that you can use other apps while downloading/uploading.


Secure Syncing

By using an encrypted connection between you and Apple’s iCloud service, all data transferred between you and the iCloud service is secure.


Native support

Unlike other apps which use a web view, Sync for iCloud uses APIs to connect to iCloud without the need of web views resulting in a faster and more intuitive user experience.


Support for photos

Download photos from your iCloud account and upload photos to your iCloud account.


Support for files

Manage, download, and upload files to iCloud Drive with support for multi-file upload.

Take advantage of the Apple ecosystem on Android

You can make use of Apple’s advanced iCloud Photo capabilities and iCloud Drive solutions even on an Android phone or tablet.

How does SyncDeck work?

Being a very young app, SyncDeck was built from the ground up using the latest Android SDK libraries released by Google, including Room, Material components, and Jetpack components. This allowed us to develop an application that is stable, fast, and secure.

The first thing that you need to do when opening the SyncDeck application for the first time is to log in to your Apple iCloud account. Here, all you need to do is enter your username and password associated with your Apple iCloud account, which are the same credentials which you would normally use if you had to log in from the iCloud website.

Should the credentials provided be correct, a notification will be sent to all devices associated to this account, confirming the country from which you are trying to log in, as well as a unique number which you will use for 2 factor authentication. At this point, SyncDeck will ask you to enter the 2 factor authentication code which you will be shown on your Apple device. If you do not have an Apple device next to you, SyncDeck provides the option for the 2 factor authentication code to be sent via SMS.

Upon successfully entering the correct 2 factor authentication code, you will be directed to a list of files and folders stored in your iCloud Drive. Here, you will be able to download, upload, and manage files and folders. You can also view the iCloud Photos library by selecting ‘Photos’ from the bottom menu.

Communicating with Apple iCloud

When using SyncDeck, an internet connection is required in order to be able to synchronise between your Android device and the web. SyncDeck synchronises directly with using Hyptertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). A direct connection is established with Apple iCloud web service for all service requests, including when logging in, uploading or download files/photos, and synchronising iCloud account data.

No need to permanently move files out of iCloud

Our app enables you to keep using iCloud services when using an Android device. There is no need to migrate to another service, you can keep using iCloud Drive and iCloud Photos even on Android.

View photos across devices

Photos stored on iCloud can be easily accessed using this application. All photos are synchronized from your iCloud account over to your Android device.

Download, upload, and manage iCloud photos from any device, be it iOS or Android.

Frequently asked questions

Do you charge any money?

SyncDeck is completely free to use. Thus, we do not charge any money to use this application.

Separate fees may apply if you wish to use premium services offered by Apple. In this case, please refer to Apple’s website for more information.

Can I login using an app-specific password?

App-specific passwords are not supported for the time being. However, you may use your normal password to log in.

What type of user accounts are supported?

In order to use this app, you must have set up your iCloud account to use 2 factor authentication or 2SA. You must also ensure that iCloud storage has been set up on your account.

The app says that my iCloud account is not supported

Whilst we try to support as many account types as possible, we sometimes run into account setups which are not yet supported by the app.

Before logging in, make sure that 2FA has been set up and that iCloud web storage has been enabled for your account.

Can I create a new account from the app?

Creation of new Apple iCloud accounts are not yet supported within the app. If you wish to create a new Apple iCloud account, you may do so from the following address: iCloud

I forgot my password

You can reset your password from the iCloud website. Resetting of your Apple iCloud password from the app is not yet supported.

How does the app work and is it safe?

Sync for iCloud connects directly to Apple web servers and does not make use of any intermediate services. This ensures that connections are safe and login information is not distributed to third parties except for Apple.

Upon successful login, you will receive a login notification email if you have opted for such a service. This is normal following a new login.

If you have any further queries, feel free to reach out to us via the contact us page.