Extend iCloud Functionality to Android

Get more out of your Android device by extending Apple services to your device with one of our free mobile applications

Sync for iCloud

Synchronise any Android device with Apple iCloud Photos and Apple iCloud Drive with Sync.

100k+ installs – 4.5 stars

Sync for iCloud Mail

Stay connected with our email app built specifically for iCloud email.

1M+ installs – 4.2 stars

Sync for iCloud Contacts

With Sync for iCloud Contacts, it is now possible to keep your contacts on iCloud while also having them downloaded on your Android device. More so, any changes to your contacts done on your Android device will be reflected on your iOS/OSX device.

Sync for iCloud Contacts is free to download on the Android Play Store. Furthermore, we do not impose any restrictions on the use of the app. Thus, you can use all of the features with no hidden cost.

5M+ installs – 4.4 stars

Sync for iCloud Calendar

Quickly synchronise your calendars from any iCloud account to Android devices.

All you need to do is to log in to an iCloud account and select the calendars you want to be synchronised. We’ll do the rest for you.

1M+ installs – 4.3 stars

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