Sync for iCloud Calendar

Millions of users around the world have trusted Sync for iCloud to synchronize their iCloud calendars between iCloud and Android.

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Security, privacy at heart.

Sync for iCloud Calendar synchronises iCloud calendars to any Android device. By using the latest encryption technology and Android’s synchronisation libraries, connecting to iCloud’s service is secure and instantaneous. Background synchronisation ensures that there is minimal user intervention. It also enables calendars to be synchronised automatically across all Android and iOS devices when new events are created or modified.

By using Android’s Material user interface guidelines and best practices, Sync for iCloud Calendar follows the familiar Android design, making the application easy to understand and use.

Ideal for businesses

Sync for iCloud Calendar is ideal for business users who make use of iCloud services for their business, but have an Android phone. This app makes it easy for you to keep connected to iCloud’s services without the need to use an Apple device.

All you might need

Multiple accounts

There are no limits to the accounts you can add. This allows you to add your personal iCloud calendars, your work calendars, and even shared calendars you have with your friends.

Background sync

Through background synchronisation, any new events or changes to events are synchronised with Apple’s iCloud service. This means that all of your Android devices using Sync for iCloud Calendar will have all of the events up-to-date.

Secure syncing

By using an encrypted connection between you and Apple’s iCloud service, all data transferred between you and the iCloud service is secure. This makes it ideal especially if you are using Sync for iCloud Calendar for your business.