Sync for iCloud Calendar

Robust and secure syncing app for iCloud calendar

A free secure iCloud calendar client for Android available on Google’s Play Store. Supports multiple accounts, with easy sign-in and secure encrypted transfer.

Discover what it can do

Integrated calendar manager

Events can be managed quickly by using the integrated calendar manager. The calendar manager allows you to create and edit events without leaving the app. Events are then synchronized with iCloud.

View in third party calendar applications

Enable synchronized calendars in any calendar app installed on your Android device to view and manage events in third party calendars.

Add and synchronize multiple accounts

It is possible to synchronize more than one account. Simply log in to the iCloud accounts you wish to synchronize on the Android device. Once logged in, make sure to select the calendars you wish to synchronize within each account.

Two way or way synchronization

The user can decide whether to enable two-way or one-way synchronization per calendar. When one-way synchronization is enabled, any changes to event will not be pushed to iCloud. When two-way synchronization is enabled, event changes are synchronized to iCloud.


Secure syncing

By using an encrypted connection between you and Apple’s iCloud service, all data transferred between you and the iCloud service is secure. This makes it ideal especially if you are using Sync for iCloud Calendar for your business.

Background sync

Through background synchronisation, any new events or changes to events are synchronised with Apple’s iCloud service. This means that all of your Android devices using Sync for iCloud Calendar will have all of the events up-to-date.

Multiple accounts

There are no limits to the accounts you can add. This allows you to add your personal iCloud calendars, your work calendars, and even shared calendars you have with your friends.