Sync for iCloud® Mail

A popular Email client for iCloud® on Android®

A free secure email client available on Google’s Play Store. Supports multiple accounts, with easy sign-in and secure mail transfer.

Download from the Google Play Store.

Price: Free.


Built specifically for iCloud®

Sync for iCloud Mail is specifically built for iCloud email accounts. You can log in using either an account or any other associated email account.

Push and periodic synchronisation

Various modes of synchronisation methods are possible, such as push synchronisation or periodic synchronisation.

Multiple accounts supported

Multiple iCloud email accounts can be added to the app, with the ability to view mail from all accounts in one screen.

Used by more than 1 million users

Sync for iCloud Mail has over 1 million installs. This makes it one of the most popular iCloud Email app on the Google Play Store.

Intuitive User Interface

Sync for iCloud Mail follows user interface best practices. A simple and clean design to which users are accustomed to expect allows users to quickly configure and make the most out of the app.