IO.MT started off in 2014, offering the first ever applications on Android which let users log in to their iCloud accounts and synchronize contacts and calendars. At the time, there were no applications on the Google Play Store which let users synchronize iCloud data on Android devices.

Timeline of events


Sync for iCloud released

The first ever application was released, offering its users to synchronize iCloud calendar events on Android devices.


Sync for iCloud Contacts released

With Sync for iCloud Contacts, it was possible to start synchronizing iCloud contacts between iCloud accounts and Android devices. The application was offered for free and users were able to add unlimited accounts.


Sync for iCloud Mail released

In 2017, IO.MT released Sync for iCloud Mail. With this application, users were able to synchronize iCloud email accounts on any Android devices. This application offered a number of customization features not offered in the default Android email application.


Sync for iCloud Drive released

IO.MT identified a gap on the Android ecosystem, where no native application existed that enabled users to access iCloud drive and iCloud photos. In response, Sync for iCloud Drive was released, which offered users the possibility to manage, download, and upload files and photos between their iCloud device and their Android device.

Sync for iCloud Drive and Sync for iCloud re-branded

Following a review of the application’s functionality, a re-branding exercise was conducted in order for the application titles to better reflect the functionality offered. Thus, Sync for iCloud was rebranded to Sync for iCloud Calendar and Sync for iCloud Drive was re-branded to Sync for iCloud.

What we do

IO Studios has been in the app development industry for more than 4 years, mainly focusing on Android app development and distribution.

We are well known for our popular iCloud syncing applications, which are available on the Google Play Store.

Who we are

IO Studio is a small tech company located in the Maltese Islands, Europe.

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