Sync for iCloud Contacts

Synchronize contacts stored in your iCloud account

Your iCloud Contacts. Anywhere.

Download from the Google Play Store.

Synchronize contacts with iCloud

Easily synchronize all of your contacts stored in an iCloud account on any Android device.

Apple does not offer a native application on Android which synchronizes contacts stored on iCloud. With this application, you can quickly download, manage, and upload contacts stored in any iCloud account for free.

Although there are other ways how you can synchronize iCloud contacts on an Android device, this application is the best way to add iCloud contacts on an Android device quickly and securely.

1+ million users

Sync for iCloud contacts has been downloaded by more than 1 million users on the Google Play Store. This makes it one of the most popular contacts synchronization applications supporting iCloud.


Keeps contacts updated

The app will sync all contacts stored in your iCloud account to your phone or tablet.

If you add a contact, it will be synced back to iCloud.


Syncing of your contacts is carried out by means of a direct encrypted connection to Apple’s iCloud servers.

In this way, any of your iCloud data is transmitted directly to Apple in a secure way, so that you data stays safe.

Generate app specific password from within the app

In order to keep your account as secure as possible, you are only able to log in by using an app specific password.

This password can be generated on the iCloud website and is unique for each app that you use.

This code can be quickly generated from within the app itself, without the need to use a computer.