Safe Locker


Protect your files wherever you go

Safe Locker hides all of your files and stored passwords in one place.

Access your documents anywhere, at any time, via a password.



All your passwords and notes in one place.

One application for everything. No need to switch between apps.

You can store all your passwords and notes in one place, securely, and easily.

You can import a list of passwords and we’ll encrypt it automatically.

You can also export all your passwords easily if you need to switch devices.



Robust file storage

Safe Locker supports all file types.

Import and export files seamlessly with our robust file manager.


Stay safe

Safe Locker does not upload files to the internet. It does not support any cloud storage services in order to make sure that the user’s data is secure.

Uninstalling Safe Locker will also erase all data stored within the app. This is useful to make sure that all traces of data are removed when removing the app.

We have implemented an auto locking mechanism which locks the app when not using for some time. The time when the app locks can be changed in the settings menu.

Files stored within Safe Locker can only be accessed by Safe Locker itself. No other apps can access the data stored inside the app. We recommend that you do not root your device in order to better protect your files.


Download from the Google Play Store

In order to download and install Safe Locker on your Android device, search for the Safe Locker app in the Google Play Store.

Alternatively you can click on this link.



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