Sync for iCloud Drive’s name has now changed to Sync for iCloud following addition of iCloud Photos support.

As of Release 2.12, Sync for iCloud now supports synchronisation for iCloud Drive and iCloud Photos.

To be able to access your iCloud Photos, iCloud Photos must be enabled from an iOS device. For more information, please visit Apple’s support page.

The release also includes updates to the user interface, several bug fixes and performance improvements, including:

  • fix for crash when screen is locked while uploading files or photos
  • when an upload is started, you are taken to the upload status screen.
  • a message now warns you that uploading might stop when the screen is locked.
  • screen will not turn off during uploading when in the upload status screen.
  • file information text is now smaller.
  • file name now takes only one line in the list.
  • when renaming, the file current file name is provided in the dialog.