View and download iCloud Photos on Android via Sync for iCloud

Sync for iCloud and Sync for iCloud Contacts are very flexible applications that offer many synchronisation possibilities to users, allowing for multiple iCloud accounts to be synced with any Android device for free.

We have gone through great lengths to offer the best possible user experience when using our applications. The user interface has been designed to meet Android’s material guidelines while also providing an easy way to log in through iCloud and managing your iCloud accounts. We have also managed to deliver a constant stream of updates which include fixing bugs, improving on the synchronisation process and providing better user guidelines.

iCloud synchronisation on Android was a technical challenge which we were able to overcome. As per Apple Inc.’s policies and infrastructure, it is not yet possible to synchronise all iCloud functionality to Android natively. Furthermore, Apple Inc. has introduced two-factor log in in June 2017, which requires the user to generate an app specific password to log in to iCloud services from third party applications. This means that certain features would have to be accessed through the iCloud web interface. In this regard, we have integrated a powerful internet browser within our Sync for iCloud and Sync for iCloud Contacts applications for two main reasons: generating app specific password and accessing all iCloud features which cannot be natively managed on Android. The internet browser is therefore an extension to the application, which is not required to use the features of the application, however, extra functionality can be obtained by using the app’s internet browser. This eliminates the need to have access to an extra computer device to manage your iCloud account.

View and download iCloud pictures on Android

Viewing and downloading of iCloud pictures on Android can be carried out through the application’s internet browser. This can be done by opening the internet browser from the home screen, and logging in with your iCloud account as you would do on a computer. Once logged in, press the Photos button to view and download photos.

Manage and download iCloud Pages documents on Android

ICloud Pages documents can be managed and downloaded from the application’s internet browser. Limited functionality is available in this regard.