How to access iCloud on Your Android Phone with SyncDeck

There are various reasons why users select iOS or Android for particular tasks, whilst the other platform is used for other tasks. Keeping files between iOS and Android requires the use of the cloud. Apple offers iCloud, which is natively supported on iOS devices. However, users using iCloud have been left out when switching over to an Android smartphone or tablet.

While many would suggest to use the iCloud website when accessing iCloud content on Android devices, offers a far simpler solution to access iCloud files and photos on Android devices: SyncDeck.

Using iCloud on Android is easier than you think

If you are the sort of user where you use both iOS and Android for various tasks, SyncDeck might be the best for you if you use iCloud for storing files and photos.

SyncDeck is free to download and to use. The log in process is very simple and secure. The app offers the possibility to view your files and photos in one simple application. You can also download any of the files stored on iCloud, or upload directly from your Android device to your iCloud account.

Keep reading to discover how easy it is to set up SyncDeck.

1. Download SyncDeck from the Google Play Store

This step requires very little effort. All you need to do is to install SyncDeck from the PlayStore by following the steps here. Alternatively, you can click here.

Download: SyncDeck (Free)

  1. Simply open the Google Play Store from the Android device you wish to use iCloud on.
  2. Then, search for SyncDeck by

2. Open SyncDeck on your Android device

Once SyncDeck is installed, find it on your smartphone or tablet and tap the icon to open the app.

3. Log in using your iCloud email and password

When opening for the first time, SyncDeck will ask you to enter your iCloud username and password. This is required so that you can log in to the iCloud web service.

Before logging make, make sure that you can access your iCloud files from the iCloud website, and that Advanced Data Protection is not enabled.

  1. Enter your iCloud username
  2. Enter your iCloud password
  3. Press the log in button.

4. Enter 2 factor authentication code

If the username and password are correct, you will be asked for the 2 factor authentication code which will be sent to one of your iCloud devices linked to this iCloud account.

Alternatively, you can ask the app to send the code via SMS.

5. Done!

If the 2 factor authentication code has been entered correctly, the files in your iCloud drive home folder will show.

Downloaded files can be viewed under the Account page.