SyncDeck May Update

During these past weeks, further functionality has been added to SyncDeck. The added functionality revolve around the file management part of the app.

Furthermore, translations have started to be added to SyncDeck. Such additions will allow app usability in different geographies which do not use the English language.

Direct sharing has been added

Users can now share photos and videos directly to SyncDeck from any app on Android smartphones and tablets.

In order to be able to do this, it is important to ensure that you are logged in. Logged out users will have to open SyncDeck and log in before being able to share photos and videos directly to SyncDeck.

Once a file is shared from another app to SyncDeck, the file is uploaded using the standard uploading service. If other files are being uploaded, the directly shared file will be added to the upload queue.

Although only photos and videos are currently supported for direct sharing, I will be adding support for more file types, including documents and archives.

Translations added

The latest SyncDeck update includes translations for three European languages: German, Italian, and French.

These translations allows users from different geographies to be able to navigate within the app using their native language.

More languages will be added in future releases of SyncDeck.

Planned tasks

  • Bug fixes for direct share. Better handling for logged out users will be added in the next release of SyncDeck.
  • Migration to Material3 components. This will add the possibility to change colour schemes according to the device’s theme on newer devices.
  • Addition of other languages other than English. More languages to be added in future releases.
  • Improvements to photo gallery. Album support, ability to sort photos, and direct share support for the photo gallery to be added in future releases.