SyncDeck update rollout

An update to SyncDeck has just been released today containing a number of additional functionalities.

Addition of shadows to cards in the account page

Shadows have been added to cards in the account page. The addition of the shadows allows for the visual separation of various cards on this page.

Ability to view upload tasks progress

The upload tasks screen has been greatly improved, allowing the user to view pending, complete, and errored tasks in one page. It is now possible to remove all completed and errored tasks in the list.

A button has been added in the account screen which allows the user to access the upload tasks screen.

Finally, several bugs were fixed which might have cropped up during the uploading process.

Planned tasks during the upcoming weeks

I will be doing some further tweaks to SyncDeck, which I believe will further improve the user experience:

  • Migration to Material3 components. This will add the possibility to change colour schemes according to the device’s theme on newer devices.
  • Addition of other languages other than English. The plan is for Italian, French, and German translations to be added.

The photo gallery requires further additions, such as the possibility to select Photo Albums, and the possibility to add photos from the Android UI. These will be tackled in future releases.

Finally, sorting and changing between list and grid view will eventually be added to the file browser in future releases.