• How to access iCloud on Your Android Phone with SyncDeck

    There are various reasons why users select iOS or Android for particular tasks, whilst the other platform is used for other tasks. Keeping files between iOS and Android requires the use of the cloud. Apple offers iCloud, which is natively supported on iOS devices. However, users using iCloud have been left out when switching over […]

  • How to download iCloud files on Android

    It is well known that Apple Inc. does not provide a native application on Android to manage files stored in Apple iCloud Drive on an Android device. As a result, Sync for iCloud was developed, which lets manage, download and upload files on Apple iCloud Drive on an Android device through a native application. Follow […]

  • View iCloud files on Android

    One of the problems of switching to Android from iOS is that it is difficult and cumbersome to migrate all of the files stored on iCloud. A particular case would be photos taken on an iOS device, which are then automatically uploaded to the iCloud Drive. Fortunately, it is possible to actually access all of […]