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Sync for iCloud Mail Release 11.2.3

Sync for iCloud Mail version 11.2.3 is being rolled out to users on the Google Play Store. This update contains the following fixes and improvements: Major bug fixes and performance improvements to both back-end code and the front-end code. Updated internal libraries to improve app stability on multiple devices. Update to the user interface, including […]

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View iCloud files on Android

One of the problems of switching to Android from iOS is that it is difficult and cumbersome to migrate all of the files stored on iCloud. A particular case would be photos taken on an iOS device, which are then automatically uploaded to the iCloud Drive. Fortunately, it is possible to actually access all of […]


Is it possible to get iCloud on Android?

Question I am a long time iOS user. Now, I wish to move over to Android. At the moment, I heavily rely on Apple’s services such as Apple iCloud. I have all my contacts, calendars, email and photos stored on my iCloud drive. Would I be able to access them from Android? Answer Ever since […]

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Logging in with 2 factor authentication

Sync for iCloud, Sync for iCloud Contacts, and Sync for iCloud Mail do not support Apple’s latest authentication methods. Therefore, to log in to your account, you need to create an app specific password. The steps below will show you how to check whether you have Apple’s latest authentication method enabled, and how to generate […]